About Me

I’m a writer, media relations professional, hobby web developer, pun artist, husband, and dad.

gentry-family-46-of-62-2After graduating from Southern Virginia University with a degree in English, I spent almost four years covering business and the economy for the News & Advance in Lynchburg, Va. Then I switched to the dark side began doing communications and marketing for higher education. Today I am the director of media relations (and editor of the alumni magazine) at Lynchburg College, one of only 40 “Colleges that Change Lives.” I’m also enrolled in LC’s Master of Business Administration program to feed my longstanding interest in business and economics.

My wife, Becky, and I have three children, Paul, Ada, and Josephine. We live in a 90+ year old home that we have renovated (although we still have work to do). It has taught me a lot about electrical work, plumbing, and other construction necessities.

I’m a lifelong Mormon who spent two years in Nevada and California teaching about Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice that makes happiness and eternal life (and eternal families) possible. The Book of Mormon and the Bible transformed my life as a teenager and they inspire me to try being more Christlike and more loving.

In November 2014 I embarked on a journey to change my lifestyle for better health and fitness. I took control of my diet and started exercising regularly. A few months later, I had lost 55 pounds and, so far, I have managed to keep it off. I have run the Virginia 10 Miler twice, run regularly, and walk or bike to work essentially every day.

I believe in freedom, equality, education, and justice. Politically, I’m a raging moderate. Chances are you and I agree on something, but if you define yourself as conservative you will think I’m liberal and if you’re liberal you’ll think I’m terribly conservative. But let’s talk about our views anyway.

Everything I write on this blog is my own opinion and does not represent the views of my employer, my church, or my mechanic. But it usually represents me fairly well.

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