Which famous paintings do famous paintings look like?

The Google Arts & Culture App has received a lot of attention in recent days because of its ability to “match” you to a work of art that (possibly) looks (a little) like you.

When I first saw my friends’ famous art selfies in my Facebook feed, I began to wonder…Which famous works of art do famous works of art look like?

So I found out by pulling several well-known paintings up on my computer screen, shooting them with the Arts & Culture app’s camera, and seeing what Google had to say.

Some of the results were pretty remarkable.

For example, Vincent Van Gogh looks a lot like Vincent Van Gogh.Vincent Van Gogh

Rembrandt’s self portraits also ring true to life.

Rembrandt self portraits

The Girl with a Pearl Earring looks a little less like her doppelganger.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

But the Mona Lisa does kinda look like this adoring shepherd.

Mona Lisa

Adam looks like a lady.

Adam, from "The Creation of Adam" in the Sistine Chapel

And Whistler’s Mother looks like a man.

Whistler's Mother

And Michaelangelo’s David looks like Amoril denkt aan Cliander, probably thanks to the hair.

Michaelangelo's David

And the guy in The Scream is upset because Google Arts & Culture says no matches found. Online dating just isn’t his thing.

The scream has no matches in Google Arts and Culture

And last, but not least, the “Most Recognizable Couple” award goes to…

American Gothic.

American Gothic American Gothic