Hymnboard – an app for church music organizers

My most recent project is Hymnboard, an app that makes it much easier to organize music for a church chorister to organize the music they use in their worship services. It may also be of use to families who like to use religious music in their family religious activities.

banner2Hymnboard makes it easy to select hymns based on a particular topic and armed with information about how often that hymn is used.

I thought of the idea when I was the music leader for the children’s Sunday school in my local church congregation. I realized that one of my weaknesses was to use one song way too often for a short period of time, followed by several months of not having the children sing it at all. Because of this, there were some songs that they never learned very well, and there were some favorites that they forgot after I forgot to incorporate the songs for several months.

Although I now have a different calling at church, this app was high on my list when my brother-in-law asked if I would be interested in working with him and a talented designer to create an app for the LDSTech app contest. The fact that Becky loved the idea was a motivation, too—as an organist, she knows how important it is for a chorister to get the hymns chosen in advance.

I used AngularJS and Angular Bootstrap to create a dynamic app for choosing hymns and adding dates to a meeting calendar. The back end is powered by PHP. I also improved on an angular drag-and-drop directive to allow users to change the order of hymns on a particular date by…(can you guess it?)…dragging and dropping them.

I got the basic features running just in time to enter the contest. There are still many improvements to make, but I’m happy to have gotten this far.

One improvement we look forward to is adding hymnals used by other churches so that other denominations can make use of our app. We also want to add more collections of LDS music so choristers can work that into their meetings. If you work in music publishing or if you select hymns for another church, get in touch with us to give input on the best way to serve you.

Check it out at hymnboard.org