New expanding text plugin update featuring white icons

My Easy FAQ With Expanding Text WordPress plugin has long supported visual cues, little icons that appear to the left of the text headings that help signal the fact that you can click them to drop down some more information.

The newest version of the plugin introduces a second color option. The icons were always available in black, but now they are available in white, too. This makes the plugin more usable on sites with dark backgrounds.

This is an example of a user-proposed idea. Someone who was building his site with my plugin asked if there were a way to make the icons white, because his site had a black background. It made sense to me that this should have been around all along, so I created the new icons and made them a part of version 3.2.5.

You can download the new version at the plugin page on, or, if you already have this plugin in stalled on your site, you should be able to update it in the Plugins administration page.

As always, donations to support this plugin are always welcome.