How to make nested drop down text sections with Easy FAQ plugin

I recently updated my WordPress plugin Easy FAQ With Expanding Text with several new features. The main change: It now makes it easier than ever to apply the animated click-and-reveal effects to only a specified part of a page.

One unintended bonus made possible by this is the ability to have nested drop down text sections. For example, you can have headings that, upon being clicked, reveal other headings that can be clicked to reveal additional content. This can be helpful if you want to create a FAQ page with different sections, like this:

WordPress FAQ

What plugins would you recommend for WordPress?

Easy FAQ With Expanding Text is definitely a good plugin.

Who should use WordPress?

Anyone can use WordPress, and thanks to plugins, it is possible to program WordPress to do nearly anything.

Javascript FAQ

What is your favorite javascript library?

I must admit, I am definitely a jQuery fan.

Check both of these if you want nested animated drop down text.
Check both of these if you want nested animated drop down text.

So, how do you do this?

First, install the plugin.

Second, on your post or page editing screen, find the box with the “Make Animated Drop Down Text” options. Check the second box.

Then you need to type your nested headings and other content. Type a heading that will serve as a “main level” heading.

Beneath this, type the shortcode bg_faq_start (between brackets).

Then type some other headings with content between them.

Close off this section by using another shortcode: type bg_faq_end inside brackets. Repeat this cycle. Your editor screen could look something like this:


One additional note: This will not work if you have chosen the option to have only one question open at a time. You can change this in the plugin defaults on the FAQ admin page, or you can change it for an individual page in the “Make Animated Drop Down Text” box on the editing screen.

This will make your nested drop down sections!