Wisdom from Mitt Romney’s mom

Recently someone gave me some magazines that are 40+ years old which they had found in their attic. I figured I’d enjoy reading the history-in-the-making articles, plus the interesting ads, and I thought they would be good sources for photos to make a collage with.

In a 1967 Look Magazine I found an article about Lenore Romney, wife of George (who stood a fairly good chance of becoming president but did not) and mother of Mitt, who ran for the Republican nomination for 2008.

It sounds like Lenore was a wise woman. Here are some quotes from the article:

“Every abuse against humanity starts with an idea in the home. This is the crux of all our dilemmas.”

“It isn’t going to be too important who first places a man on the moon or how often we circle the globe with our ballistic missiles. We are going to be known by the way we treat other human beings.”

“We can provide money and training for our problem children, but unless a child has self-esteem and esteem from others, his heart and soul will be assassinated.”

“Our national political conventions have all the atmosphere of ahigh school carnival instead of the serious background needed to nominate men to high office.”

“We have become so enamored of things and goods, so afraid of losing them, that we have become permissive. There is no real basis for authority in our homes, and our children need guidance.”